Diamond engraving Profile Wheel with half Round Edge for Stones

Fine diamond grit

Vacuum brazed manufacturing art

Sharp and durable

Smooth and clean finishing

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1. Precise engraving: The half round edge design of the diamond engraving profile wheel allows for precise and detailed engraving on stones. The curved shape of the wheel creates a smooth and controlled cutting action, resulting in accurate and intricate designs.
2. Versatile use: Diamond engraving profile wheels with a half round edge are suitable for engraving various types of stones, including marble, granite, quartz, and other hard materials. This makes them versatile tools for different applications, such as creating decorative patterns and designs on stone surfaces.
3. Efficient material removal: The diamond particles embedded in the wheel's surface provide exceptional hardness and abrasion resistance. This allows the wheel to efficiently remove material from the stone, resulting in efficient engraving and shaping.
4. Long-lasting durability: Diamond engraving profile wheels are known for their durability and long lifespan. The diamond coating ensures that the wheel maintains its sharpness and cutting ability even after extended use, saving you from frequent replacements.
5. Smooth finish: The half round edge design of the profile wheel helps in achieving a smooth and polished finish on the engraved stone surface. This is ideal for creating high-quality and professional-looking stone engravings.
6. Controlled depth and width: The half round edge of the profile wheel allows for controlled depth and width of the engraving. This gives you better control over the engraving process, ensuring uniform results and avoiding over-cutting or damaging the stone surface.
7. Easy to use: Diamond engraving profile wheels with a half round edge are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. They can be easily attached to compatible tools or machines, allowing for convenient setup and efficient engraving.
8. Compatible with different tools: These profile wheels can be used with various tools such as engraving machines, routers, or hand-held grinders, making them adaptable to different working conditions and preferences.
9. Professional results: The precision and quality of the engraving achieved with diamond engraving profile wheels with a half round edge ensure professional-looking results. Whether you're an experienced stone engraver or a beginner, these wheels can help you achieve high-quality and aesthetically pleasing stone engravings.

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