Hex Shank Wood Flat Drill Bit

Hex shank

Durable and sharp

Diameter: 6mm-40mm

Length: 150mm-300mm

Customized size

Product Detail



1. Hex Shank: These drill bits have a hexagonal shank that allows for easy and secure installation into a drill chuck. The hex shank design provides a strong grip and prevents slippage during drilling, ensuring stability and accuracy.
2. Flat Bottom Design: Hex shank wood flat drill bits have a flat cutting edge at the bottom, which allows for the creation of precise, flat-bottomed holes in wood. This flat bottom design is especially useful for tasks such as installing dowels or creating recesses for hinges or hardware.

flat drill1

3. High-Speed Steel Construction: These drill bits are commonly made from high-speed steel (HSS), a robust and durable material that offers good heat resistance and longevity. The HSS construction ensures that the drill bit can withstand the demands of drilling and maintain its sharpness over time.
4. Spur and Brad Point: Hex shank wood flat drill bits typically feature a combination of spur and brad point (center point) at the tip. The spur cutters help start the hole and define the circumference, while the brad point ensures accurate drilling and prevents wandering.
5. Precision Cutting Edges: These drill bits have precision-ground cutting edges that provide clean and smooth holes in wood. The sharp cutting edges allow for efficient material removal and reduce the risk of splintering or tear-out on the wood surface.
6. Wide Range of Sizes: Hex shank wood flat drill bits are available in various diameter sizes, allowing for versatility in drilling different hole sizes. The range of sizes makes these drill bits suitable for various woodworking applications, from small pilot holes to larger diameter holes for joinery or carpentry tasks.
7. Compatibility: Hex shank wood flat drill bits are designed to be used with drill chucks that can accept hexagonal shank bits. They are compatible with a wide range of power drills, including corded and cordless models.
8. Easy Bit Changes: The hex shank design of these drill bits makes them quick and easy to change, allowing for efficient swapping between different drill bits during a project without the need for additional tools.

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